God's Cleaning Crew - Unveiling the link behind childhood traumas and hoarding in adult age

How Childhood Traumas Cause Hoarding in Adult Age


Childhood traumas can be a significant factor in the development of hoarding behavior in adulthood for several reasons:

1. Seeking Control

Traumatic childhood experiences, especially those involving loss, instability, or neglect, can leave an individual feeling a lack of control over their life. Hoarding can emerge as a way to exert control over their environment. By accumulating items, they may feel a sense of security and control they lacked in their childhood.

2. Emotional Attachment to Objects

For those who experienced emotional neglect or instability in childhood, objects can become substitutes for the affection and stability they lacked. They may form strong emotional attachments to items, finding comfort and safety in their presence.

3. Fear of Scarcity

Experiencing poverty, deprivation, or significant loss during childhood can instill a deep-seated fear of not having enough. This can lead to hoarding as a way to cope with fears of future scarcity or loss. Adults who hoarded as a response to trauma might accumulate items excessively as a precaution against potential needs or losses.


Childhood traumas can trigger hoarding behavior in adulthood due to a desire for control, emotional attachment to objects, and fear of scarcity stemming from past experiences. Professional help is crucial for managing hoarding tendencies. Contact God's Cleaning Crew at 1-888-679-9116.

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