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What is unattended death?

In a situation where a person dies without anyone present or without immediate discovery, this would be called a scene of unattended death. It typically means that the death occurred when the individual was alone at the time of passing away.

An unattended death refers to a situation where a person dies without anyone present or without immediate discovery. It typically implies that the death occurred when the individual was alone and there were no witnesses to the event. The term "unattended" emphasizes the lack of immediate attention or presence of others at the time of death.

Unattended deaths can occur in various circumstances, such as at home, in a public place, or in a secluded area. They can be the result of natural causes, accidents, suicides, or homicides. In many cases, unattended deaths are discovered only after a significant amount of time has passed, which can complicate the investigation and the determination of the cause of death.

When an unattended death is discovered, it is crucial to notify the appropriate authorities, such as the police or emergency services, who will conduct an investigation and arrange for the body to be handled appropriately. Depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction, an autopsy or further forensic examination may be performed to determine the cause of death.

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How does sudden loss affect the next of kin?

When it comes to the next of kin, the impact of an unattended death can be significant. Here are a few ways it can affect them:

  • Emotional and Psychological Impact: The sudden loss of a loved one can be emotionally overwhelming for the next of kin. In the case of an unattended death, there may be additional feelings of shock, guilt, and grief. The lack of closure or the inability to say goodbye in the presence of their loved one can add to the emotional burden.
  • Legal and Administrative Responsibilities: The next of kin is typically responsible for handling the practical and legal aspects that follow a death. In the case of an unattended death, they may need to contact authorities. This can be a challenging and stressful process during an already difficult time.
  • Financial Considerations: Depending on the circumstances, the next of kin may be responsible for managing the deceased person's financial affairs. This can involve dealing with funeral expenses, managing any outstanding debts or financial obligations, and handling the deceased person's estate.
  • Closure and Mourning: The absence of immediate discovery or witness to the death can make it harder for the next of kin to find closure. They may struggle with unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding the death or the deceased person's final moments.
  • Given the potential complexities and emotional impact of an unattended death, it is essential for the next of kin to seek support from friends, family, or professionals, such as grief counselors or support groups. These resources can provide guidance, empathy, and assistance during the grieving process and the practical matters that need to be addressed.

At God’s Cleaning Crew we have a distinguished step by step process regarding after death clean ups, to bioremediate the affected area or property and provide a safe, habitable environment for the next of kin to reside in or to be safe to go and extract any required items. Our compassionate approach brings an essence of protection and support. Our expert team provides multiple services: crime & trauma cleanups, homicide cleanups, afterdeath cleanups, biohazard cleanups, needle and blood clean up.

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Where can unattended death occur?

Unattended deaths can occur in various settings, including private residences, estates, commercial places of work, public areas, or institutions. The causes for this could be due to natural factors like accidents, suicides, homicides, or other circumstances.
*It is important to note that unattended deaths can have legal and logistical implications on the next of kin or relatives, as first and foremost the authorities need to be notified, and proper procedures must be followed for handling the deceased person's remains like contacting GCC to provide support during this unfortunate time.

What should I do if I am a neighbour and found out that there was a death in the neighbouring unit?

  • If to your best knowledge, the police has not been notified yet, then you should reach out to their emergency line to report the death.
  • Secondly, you should report the incident to your property manager or superintendent if you live in a building / apartment. If you live in house, and are not aware of the victim's next of kin contact information, then you should reach out to the police's non-emergency line for them to locate the next of kin, who can take the steps to cleanup the place.

What should I do as the property manager if I am notified of an unattended death in my building?

  1. Reach out to the Police Department, such that they can start an investigation as needed.
  2. Once they give the clearance, then seal off the unit with caution tape.
  3. Reach out to a trauma scene cleanup company at the soonest to rectify and restore the situation.

If you are a property manager, or building superintendent or landlord and have recently discovered the dead body of a resident, then after calling the authorities and relatives, give us a call to handle the cleanup of all blood, bodily fluids, odours, possible infestations, all which can cause deterioration of the property value. Also with the passage of time, these cleanups tend to rise in cost due to contamination spreading to other rooms, and areas.

If you are family member or a friend who discovered the passing away of a loved one under unfavorable circumstances, then call us to help out with the after death cleanup service. Whether you discovered the body days or weeks later, we can help out with any kind of extreme cleaning required to restore the property back to prestine condition.

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